What We Do

Private customized VIP mask, made in Singapore, exclusively developed by Meitoto. The use of ingredients to prepare “one person, one recipe” and “private customization” has obvious effects. After 30 years of verification, there is no rebound, and 80,000 people have benefited. Using 68 kinds of pure natural ingredients, such as; Cordyceps sinensis, Ganoderma lucidum, angelica, kudzu, snow lotus, noni fruit, etc., scientific research and development. After conditioning, nourishing and protecting, it can help you quickly change to milky skin.

Suitable for

All kinds of skin problems, such as; spots, acne, sensitivity, aging. Meitoto helps you achieve your dream skin quickly.


Big data analysis of skin, subdivided skin classification. Scientific private formula to achieve milk and tofu skin.
5 Days : Smooth, fair, peeling improved.
15 Days: Deep Improvement
30 Days : Firming, lifting, basal skin tightening.
3 Months: white, pink, bright.
1 Year: Unique, confident, five years younger is not a dream.

Promised result

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